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We’re destined for each other if you’re aiming to:


Offer Crystal Clear Direction to Action

Inform and inspire your tribe to familiarize themselves with and purchase your products, services and programs with substance, clarity and style that they will LOVE!


Highlight Your Value with Authenticity

Provide context and proof that will demonstrate and highlight the value of your work with story-driven design, authentic persuasion and client testimonials.


Provoke Strong Emotional Responses

A well-designed site should provide your users with a sense of trust and offer interactions that result in a strong emotional brand connection with your ideal clients.


Own the Keys to Your Site and Drive it!

Take full ownership of your site and publish blog posts, articles, news and updates, including the ability to share all of your goodness socially.


Editorial Calendar

Use my built-in Editorial Calendar to facilitate and execute a carefully designed content strategy.


Visual Identity

Logotype / Wordmark for all your Marketing Materials + overall Visual Identity that honors and accelerates your work.


Accept Online Payments

Shopping cart integration and ability to process payments online via Paypal or any other payment solutions.


Email Marketing + List Building

Opt-in form for leads and email captures, including a free ‘offer’ + e-book Cover Design to offer your valuable content in exchange for readers’ email addresses to help build your list.


Newsletter Template Design

Email newsletter design + setup including Masthead (MailChimp or other solution).


Social Branding

Custom Facebook, Twitter + YouTube Cover image design.


Client Booking Form

Events Calendar + Booking Form (vcita.com/meeting_scheduler) so that clients can request to book you by choosing several openings to be confirmed by you, includes a payment module and calendar integration.


Offer Free Downloads

Free resource area including downloadable Pdf’s, Mp3′s and Videos.


e-Book Cover Design

Download document + opt-in offer (Multi/Single Page Pdf) design.


Google Analytics

Site launch includes Google Analytics to provide actionable insights. I also offer a 30-day check in to suggest ways your site can evolve to improve performance.

Web Design that Honors Your Work

I’m going to take some time to really get inside your heart + mind to understand your project from every angle. This will help me craft something that will truly honor your work and resonate deeply with the kind of clients you would love to work with.

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I have completed, launched and managed well over 100 websites, some of which you can see here. Some of my clients would be happy to answer any questions you may have to take away your concerns before hiring me. Also, make sure to read my post: 5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Web Pro.

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