Gratitude is my mantra

How my personal story can help you find your passion and live your dream!

Let’s start with some gratitude.

I am absolutely 108% passionate about what I do, and LOVE to help my customers succeed on the web. As a matter of fact, I would still do this even if I weren’t getting paid to do it. And I do; I offer my services to a number of non-profits and charities for free, and I take great pleasure and pride in doing so.

My interests are varied from all things India (I’ve lived 10 years in ashrams across this incredible country and sat at the feet of a handful enlightened masters to study the deeply esoteric bhakti philosophy of devotional yoga), soul nourishing vegetarian cuisine, playin’ my guitar and jammin’ with my son, joining in ecstatic kirtan with some of my amazing ‘kirtan friends’, and spending heart-to-heart moments with my best friend and the sweetest love of my life Britt, who runs her own ‘divinely inspired cuisine’ called Kitchen of Love.
kol-aboutI certainly did not start out as an entrepreneur, but having been born into a family of business owners — working the 9-5 thing was never really an option for me. Being the independent type that I am, I decided to pack my bags to travel and live in India when I was 18. For nearly a decade I lived in Ashrams across this incredible country, studied the life-transforming path of devotional yoga (bhakti) under various enlightened teachers and travelled around Asia, and the world.

OK, Rob! What has this to do with my business?


Living the monk life for nearly a decade has shaped my character and formed me into who I am today! The years I dedicated to serving my teachers and the community has taught me more than spiritual values and practices alone.

I’ve almost singlehandedly set up an independent publishing house, self-published over a dozen books, which sold in the tens of thousands, and raised funds to finance various community projects in India, including schools, food distribution and temple construction. My publishing gradually expanded into web development and learning to raise funds (in no small terms) has taught me much about running a business, and helping others to get their ideas off the ground.

My career and finding the love of my life took me to live in Bali, Singapore, New York and back to Amsterdam. I worked with and in various organizations; mostly in the field of design and marketing, SEO, and web development. In 2009 I decided to go solo and I’ve not looked back ever since!

Living my dream helping you live yours!

When you’re ready to live yours, let me know!


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