Keep Your Website Happy, Healthy
And In Optimal Shape

“We’ll take care of those updates for you!”

One of the best parts of working with clients is celebrating the day we launch their website after weeks, sometimes months, of intense work, fun + creative strategy sessions, and pulling all resources to amplify their uniqueness into the world.

The first month or two clients take to posting new content regularly, but oftentimes it slows down, and I get questions about system updates, backups, ‘Can you resend my WP login details?’ etc.

So I have been offering a monthly support plan to help maintain consistency when posting and formatting new blog posts, making backups and updating the system to make sure their website remains healthy, secure and up-to-date and continue to function as a powerful business tool in the hands of my customers.

Performing updates once or twice a year no longer cuts it, and so I have revamped my packages to make sure we have you covered from every angle. My pre-paid packages will ensure that your monthly website requirements are prioritized and always taken care of within 24 hours, without conflicting with other client schedules.

Monthly Retainer Packages
Include The Following Services

(Available in slots of 5, 8 or 12 hours)

  • WordPress systems update
  • Website back-ups (incl. all files and database)
  • Plugin version updates
  • Content formatting for articles and blog posts according to existing brand guidelines
  • Newsletter content integration + graphics Design
  • Digital Media and Graphics Design (social + other)
  • Adding or Modifying Posts/Pages
  • Homepage refresher
  • Header Redesign
  • Campaign Design (Content/Graphics)

How it works
Choose your package, submit your details via my quick form, schedule a call to discuss our next available opening, kick-ass.

5 hrs/month €275 | 8 hrs/month €375 | 12 hrs/month €485

Have a Question?
Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to provide a tailor-made solution.