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Graphics & Web Designers – Join our Freelancer Team

We ♥ Design. RE / Digital Creatives is a full-service creative agency where typical brand building meets cutting edge design thinking. With clients across Europe, Australia and the US, our team of hand-picked professionals shape inspirational brand ideas and turn them into reality for our clients. We’re looking for digital creatives to join our freelancer […]

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Food + Friends in our Neighbourhood

This month has been another exciting month. After an extremely mild winter here in Holland, we are getting early glimpses of Spring and the atmosphere is filled with newness and possibilities. My love Britt, along with some very fine friends and supporters, decided to roll out her ‘Kitchen of Love’ food stall at this month’s NeighbourFoodMarket in Amsterdam. Ooh my. We’ve co-created and self-published 2 cookbooks over the past 2 years and have many times day-dreamt about bringing these divinely inspired vegetarian dishes to the people. And now it was actually happening. [...]

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What I’ve learned …

What I’ve learned from another year of working with some pretty amazing clients. Revamping my services for 2014 — it’s everything you knew + a whole lot more. consider myself extremely fortunate, and am grateful every single day for having the opportunity to work with some truly amazing spirited world-changers, solopreneurs, coaches, artists, yoga teachers, […]

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Is there a problem?

In my last post I promised to blog something on “What is the value of your solution? (is there a problem?).” I think everyone in sales will at some point in their career have become frustrated with customers or prospects that jump straight to the question, “How much?” after you’ve given your presentation on all […]

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