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This month has been another exciting month. After an extremely mild winter here in Holland, we are getting early glimpses of Spring and the atmosphere is filled with newness and possibilities.

My love Britt, along with some very fine friends and supporters, decided to roll out her ‘Kitchen of Love’ food stall at this month’s NeighbourFoodMarket in Amsterdam. Ooh my. We’ve co-created and self-published 2 cookbooks over the past 2 years and have many times day-dreamt about bringing these divinely inspired vegetarian dishes to the people. And now it was actually happening.

I am so proud of my Britt and judging from the reactions at our stall, and the fact that we sold out in 3 hours, is a strong indication that there’ll be plenty more of Kitchen of Love going around this Spring and Summer.

Next event is March 15&16 (2 days). See for details: NeighbourFood Market WEEKENDER >> Le Jardin

Many, many thanks to our friends and supporters. It would not have happened without your help. Eva, who helped us before, during and after, has a few words of her own to share with you.

I was proud to be a ‘helper’ at the Kitchen of Love stall at the NeighbourFoodMarket last weekend.

After my years of eating from the Kitchen of Love in Haarlem, I had every confidence that the wider public of Amsterdam would appreciate this divinely inspired cuisine.

When the doors opened, we were greeted by many that wanted to sample the delights on offer and soon the ‘yogi bowls’ were being ordered almost faster than we could prepare them.

1 bowl, 2 bowls, 3 bowls at a time, we knew within the hour that that it was a success and the Kitchen of Love had spread it’s wings.

This was not just a regular food stall though. Not only was the food delicious :) but we tried to use almost entirely organic ingredients, bio degradable bowls from palm leaves and have a sustainable theme.

Not to forget the books which were also a hit with those that wanted to try the recipes at home but also donate to a good cause with 20% of the proceeds going to a school in India.

So, it was about people enjoying Indian home cooking but also about sharing, giving, a holistic approach and hoping that happy customers will visit the stall again.

If a sell out in 3 hours is anything to go by, this is a recipe for success and we look forward to the next instalment coming soon!

Thanks again to friends that have supported the Kitchen of Love and we hope to see you again next time.

Haribol :)


  • Elly

    Dear friends, what a fantastic success! I’m over the moon for you. :-D

    • Rob Elings

      Thanks Elly, your support is much appreciated — hey, you saw it all come into being from the very early stages….. hope to see you soon!!!

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