What I’ve learned …

What I’ve learned from another year of working with some pretty amazing clients. Revamping my services for 2014 — it’s everything you knew + a whole lot more.

I consider myself extremely fortunate, and am grateful every single day for having the opportunity to work with some truly amazing spirited world-changers, solopreneurs, coaches, artists, yoga teachers, foodies, authors, musicians, and the likes, in crafting a meaningful online presence that’s good for them and the people they serve.

Something I’ve noticed repeatedly in my work with clients is a burning need for compelling copywriting + content creation that effectively communicates their unique approach and value proposition in ways that resonate with their intended audience. Think about your “About” page, your “Product or Program” description, “Work-with-me” and other pages that are critical in turning skeptics into believers, and browsers into buyers. Does it stand out or do you fit in nicely with everyone else out there?

Almost every client along the way will at some point get stuck in a creative cul-de-sac and this often results in deadlines being missed, project launch delays and sometimes a compromise on the quality of the final outcome for lack of direction and clarity from the very start.

You see, as a designer I solely magnify whatever it is that YOU bring to the project — your craft and skills, your story, angle and unique approach, your magic and brilliance. When all these building blocks come together and play nicely, they make for a unique experience that is unequivocally YOU!

Going into 2014, I have completely revamped (read: upgrade) my services to take you from telling your story in a generic and rather mediocre (boring) way, to helping you craft your message with substance, clarity and style, that is infused with your personality and unique flavor — adding Personal Branding + Content Creation to my ‘standard’ Web Design service offering.

What are these extras you should expect?

  • Content creation + strategy session(s) for About, Work-with-me, Sales, Introduction and Program Description Pages
  • Unique Proposition discovery session(s)
  • One-pager Program, or Retreat Landing/Sales Page
  • Social Media Strategy Planning Session(s) + One-page Document
  • Opt-in give-away Document Design (Pdf, mp3)

But that’s not all; there’s more in the cooker. Watch this space for announcements about my revamped services for 2014.

Let’s Create Something Meaningful.


  • Deborah Jaishree Spielman

    I am beyond grateful to be working with this amazing bhaktipreneur. He is my brother, my friend, and my teacher. If you are even THINKING of making or re-vamping your website/business – you really need to try and book Rob Elings. He is a literal dream come to true to work with. And a darn good soul.

    • Rob Elings

      Jaishree – you’re too kind! And the feeling is mutual for sure ….. can’t wait for what’s next :D

  • Britt Janssen

    “You are an amazing inspiration to work with, as a person and professional alike.” —Britt Janssen

    • Rob Elings

      I will try to live up to that and rise the any new challenges that are in store for the New Year …. bring me your dreams, ideas, and wildest ideals …. Let’s do it! ;)