Outsourcing Graphic Design, WordPress Development And Marketing Separately?

What would it be worth to you if you could work with a visual designer who eats, sleeps + dreams WordPress, and who has Marie’s marketing Mojo running through his veins?

Most business owners I have worked with over the past decade will tell you that you will most likely need to hire a designer separately from a WordPress developer, since most designers don’t understand code and most techies are terrible with design! This approach is fine if you’re hiring out to one person or contractor who has her/his own people take care of the bits that (s)he is not familiar with, and that one person reports back to you.

This often means though that there will be people working on your project that you haven’t spoken to personally, or are regularly in contact with. But let’s assume everything did kind of work out; what will happen after you launch your site? How will you be able to make changes? Will you need to ask the developer and/or the designer every time you need to make a tweak?

Clients Most Appreciate My ‘Full-Service Mindset’

I have been doing web+print design, WP implementations, marketing and branding for 15 years and I have come to learn that clients most appreciate my ‘full-service mindset’ that combines all of the elements, but into a single solution. It’s what people have come to me for repeatedly, and I’d like to make this available to you as well.

“If you are dying to launch your plans, but are stuck and at crossroads trying to figure it all out by yourself, or don’t know how and who to hire — I am here to help you get clarity, focus and into action.”

Just say the word, and I’ll be showing up in full regalia.
You know you’ll want to someday!

So, let’s get the show on the road! Your show…

Contact me here to schedule a FREE consultation + discovery session.

And remember, someday is not a day of the week though. Think about it!



  • Rob Elings

    Everyone has their own way of working, and there’s not one Golden Rule…. that being said; the web ‘dictates’ that we follow certain processes, and those processes should take certain factors into consideration; user experience being one of them, as well as the ability to present customer perceived value and persuade authentically by story-driven design. That’s my 2cents. ;)
    Thanks all for weighing in!